Goethite and Malachite
Sepon Mine, Savannakhet, Laos
Small Cabinet, 9.2 x 5.5 x 5.0 cm

The copper deposits in Savannakhet Province in Laos have produced some great Azurites, Malachites and Goethite specimens over the last decade or so and this Goethite with Malachite is a fine example! This piece has beautiful, green, glittering, botryoidal Malachite associated with iridescent, multihued, botryoidal Goethite producing an extraordinary cabinet specimen with great spherical geometry from this locality. The semi-metallic purple, maroon, orange, yellow-green and pinkish red of the Goethite catches the eye as do the glistening balls of Malachite around the periphery! From finds of 2016-2017, now hard to obtain an example of! Very aesthetic, and unique in all the world.

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