N'Chwaning Mine, Kalahari manganese Field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Thumbnail, 2.9 x 1.9 x 1.7 cm
Ex. William Logan

The N'Chwaning Mines are famous for their production of amazing Rhodochrosites circa 1980, many of which came out over 30 years ago. Most collectors consider these cherry-red scalenohedra among the standards for the species, and this particular large thumbnail is quite impressive. It consists of several intergrown crystals and partial crystals, the largest of which is 2.9 cm tip to tip. This crystal, a complex scalenohedron, is an exceptional size for this habit, and it is augmented by the classic deep cherry-red color and excellent luster. It is also appealing that the smaller crystals are oriented differently from the main crystal. That adds visual interest, and ramps up the aesthetics even higher. Naturally, the piece is contacted ever so sligthly along the back of the tip, as so many of these were even in the pocket from the start. In very good condition, this is a prize N'Chwaning Thumbnail specimen, Formerly in the collecti ons of Werner Lieber and W.S. Logan (and has one of his superb labels). It is a maximal size and impact for a thumbnail of this material, and displays materially different than any typical "single" or vertical cluster might at this size range. Competition quality!