Azurite and Tsumebite (TL), on Smithsonite (illustrated)
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otikoto Region, Namibia
Thumbnail, 2.8 x 2.6 x 1.1 cm
Ex. Shields and Frances Flynn

Outstanding thumbnail composed of two, highly lustrous, deep blue crystals of Azurite, to 1 cm in length, nestled among a garden of beautiful, emerald-green crystals of Tsumebite - unusually isolated and rich, and large for the species! All on a drusy, Smithsonite matrix. This lovely combo specimen is made even better by the fact that Tsumeb is the TYPE LOCALITY for Tsumebite. A photo of this specimen may be seen both on the front cover, and page 19, of 'Minerals of Namibia' by Shields and Frances Flynn. Small, but SO GORGEOUS!