Adularia And Stilbite
La Fibbia, Gotthard Pass, Switzerland
Cabinet, 13.5 x 6.8 x 6.0 cm
Ex. Eric Asselborn
This is truly an amazing adularia specimen and I DO NOT normally get excited about this species. Most Swiss adularia is dull and matte in luster but this one has a surface like glass, and is highly reflective and attractive. I like the way the large crystal is perched aesthetically on a series of smaller adularia crystals. The luster is superb, the crystals show excellent translucence, and the color is pearlescent. In addition, there are some pearlescent 1 cm stilbite crystals perched on the adularia, which is a neat combo! Also, it is Ex. Asselborn collection. He had it for many years and valued it highly. This is just a superior piece from a classic and important locality. I know this SEEMS expensive for a boring old adularia but it is really that good... not just another alpine rock, per se.