Fluorapophyllite and Stilbite
Large Cabinet, 14.8 x 7.9 x 4.8 cm
Pashan quarries, Pashan, Pune District, Maharashtra, India
Ex. Tom Hall; Julius Zweibel

NOT contemporary, this is the first classic style of the material from the famous, and now closed, Pashan Quarries. Still unique to this day, 30-plus years later, this SUPERB Fluorapophyllite specimen is from one of the older finds in the 1970s-early 1980s. The super-gemmy, mint green Fluorapophyllites (face it, they are just about perfect!) transect the white-coated basalt matrix in two dramatic, and rich, 'hedgerows'. These green gems range up to about 2 cm, and they are intermixed with excellent, white blades of pearly Stilbite. To this day, the style remains unique to that mining period, making pieces of this style easily identifiable. The geometry and aesthetics of this very significant large cab are outstanding, and it is even better in person. Originally in the Julius Zweibel personal collection (and beautifully used in their full page, Mineralogical Record ad, Vol. 16, #1, P. 35), it only recently came out of the Tom Hall collection. Considered among the best Indian Fluorapophyllites (or Fluorapophyllites from anywhere, really), the only way to get one like this is through recycled collections. The look and sparkle of this piece is very different from contemporary material. This has had only two prior owners since being purchased in India prior to 1985 by those legendary dealers.