Calcite with Pyrite
Daye, Hubei Province, China
Small Cabinet, 10.0 x 6.2 x 4.7 cm
Large and small, composite and lustrous rhombohedral calcite crystals accentuated by brassy and iridescent Pyrite combine for a very nicely balanced display piece. Translucent to transparent calcite rhombs are from 1 to 7cm across and exhibit a darker lavender-gray center with nearly transparent edges. All of the calcite crystals display stepped, composite, parallel growth for the great visual effect of having numerous reflective surfaces, accentuated by their high luster. Bright, brassy yellow-green, metallic, interlaced pyrite pyramids adorn the calcite crystals for optimum textural and color contrast. An exceptional and showy small cabinet specimen. Calcite fluoresces red under ultraviolet light, as a bonus! This was from a one-off pocket in early 2018, and it was the best piece I could see in China when it came out. It was large, and trimmed down. It remains a unique specimen. I am not sure the exact mine origin, but it is from one of the many iron mines around the town of Daye.

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