Quartz included by Hedenbergite, Hematite
Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
Large Cabinet, 19.7 x 8.1 x 3.8 cm
A dramatic and very elegant quartz cluster comprised of two large quartz crystals and several smaller ones accented by hematite roses and calcite. The two main quartz crystals measure 19.5 and 13.6 cm in length, respectively. All of the quartz crystals are a translucent faint green tint (due to minute hedenbergite inclusions) and the prism faces display a satiny but bright sheen due to a myriad of very small, individual quartz crystals and various forms (prism and pyramid) competing for growth. Only the terminations are largely free of this texture and exhibit a smooth, relatively glassy luster. Three silvery metallic rosettes of hematite to 1.7cm are placed eloquently near the base of the piece amongst other smaller quartz crystals. Two incomplete clusters of creamy white calcite are also present for accent. The quartz crystals are pristine and complete on the front with only two contacted on the backside of the specimen. A truly sculptural piece and a custom engraved acrylic base is included. From finds of 2016-2017 here, where mining has really slowed down since.