Ilfeld, Nordhausen, Harz, Thuringia, Germany
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 6.5 x 4.1 cm

A large, impressive example of manganite from the famous manganese deposit in the Harz Mountains of Germany. This is a nice cluster of large, lustrous, striated manganite crystals up to 6 cm in length. This is a black mineral species that is good enough to fit any sophisticated collection of more colorful classics and from a historic European locality. Specimens from this locality also happen to be best of species and these finds of the late 1880s have not been surpassed since from anywhere and this piece would be from that era. The large manganite crystals are well terminated with only those on one end of the piece being incomplete. A custom engraved acrylic base is included. Similar specimens with this much size and heft, and large crystals, regularly retail for $4500-7500 when they turn up in old collections.