Wolframite ps. Scheelite ("Reinite")
Miniature, 5.1 x 4.9 x 4.3 cm
Wolframite mine, Pechtelsgrun, Vogtland, Saxony, Germany
Ex. Kay Robertson

Considering that euhedral Scheelite from this area is virtually unheard of, and that well-crystallized Wolframite is equally rare, then it is nothing short of amazing that here you have a large, compound crystal of Scheelite that has been pseudomorphed by Wolframite. The basic form of the large Scheelite has been preserved, and a few of the edges remain sharp. Additionally, you can see smaller faces of Scheelite octahedrons, showing the compound nature of this large miniature. Formerly in the collections of Hermann Kraft and Dr. Bernhard Klose, their old labels are included. Kraft's label, in particular, is outstanding. By no means elegant in the normal sense of beauty, this is nonetheless a fine, large miniature with great provenance. #8175 in Kay's collection, she acquired this in 1977. A rare classic!