Amethyst (Scepter)
Small Cabinet, 5.4 x 2.6 x 1.1 cm
Stanley Butte area, Santa Teresa Mts, San Carlos Indian Reservation, Graham Co., Arizona, USA
Ex. Kay Robertson

Striking and sculptural, this Amethyst cluster from Stanley Butte features two subparallel Amethysts connected by an Amethyst scepter. The crystals are gemmy and glassy, with terminations that are delicately purple. In fact, both the longest 5.4 cm crystal and the scepter are doubly-terminated! Complete-all-around, the aesthetics of this are excellent, and it is definitely better in person. The best I have seen from Stanley Butte, this was #11305 in Kay's collection, acquired in 1987. The photos say it all! Amazing, elegant miniature from ANY locale!