Prehnite on Grossular garnet
Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
Small Cabinet, 6.6 x 5.0 x 4.1 cm
Ex. Charlie Key

A solid core of glassy and gemmy, pink grossular with emerald green centers forms the matrix for a flowerlike crystal of prehnite that is HUGE in size! This is the largest prehnite I have personally seen from the mine, and it is from the long-held collection of Charlie Key, the old dealer who specialized in Canadian and Tsumeb minerals, among others. He kept a vast personal collection of Jeffrey Mine material, until recently sold off. This crystal is simply huge, and is matte luster and slightly translucent, measuring 6.6 cm in length. Around the edges are white amorphous masses that could be pectolite. Ex. Charlie Key collection. Stunning in size, this is an important locality specimen.