Otavite with Azurite
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia
Miniature, 3.4 x 3.2 x 1.4 cm
Ex. Marshall Sussman
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This is a real otavite, of the right age and association and look, when frankly many so-called "otavite" specimens are simply not confirmed and true. The otavite is all the white material in veins and pockets, throughout the piece. This piece is a VERY rich example of the classic association from which the material was identified, and is at least 100 years old (or more, dating to the early years of mining here). Ex. Marshall Sussman collection. Sussman obtained it from Dr. Georg Gebhard, author of the Tsumeb book, in 2001 for his original Tsumeb collection (still the most important of three Tsumeb collections he built in the last 20 years). It was also checked by Tony Nikischer and (by eye) by Bill Pinch. This specimen is robust, rich, and important for the species.