Thumbnail, 2.4 x 1.3 x 1.0 cm
Ikabaru, Santa Elena region, Bolivar Dept., Venezuela

Wires of gold are far less common than wires of silver or copper. This fine, bright yellow gold specimen exhibits a curved wire measuring 3 cm tall and about 3.5 cm in length along the curve. It is thick and robust, and cannot be bent. The quality is outstanding for a gold wire, and almost never seen in modern times. Nearly 1 cm thick at the base, this is sturdy and strong, not the usual "hair-like" wires one finds at other mines from time to time. It is reminiscent of the ancient Colorado gold in Harvard, that has a similar curvature. Out of all the gold crystals found in this rich deposit, almost none are such elongated wires, although many are small and bendable. As a thumbnail specimen ,it has impact for shape and elegance. Ex Robert Noble collection (purchased from gold dealer Steve Rice in 2009). 5.5 grams.