Wakabayashilite on Calcite
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 5.8 x 2.9 cm
White Caps Mine, Manhattan District, Toquima Range, Nye Co., Nevada, USA
Ex. Kay Robertson
The White Caps Mine has produced the world's finest specimens of the rare As-Sb sulfide, Wakabayashilite. These crystals are highly lustrous golden needles, many of which are over 1 cm long, that are clustered into two 'nests' on the white Calcite matrix. This very rare, excellent, and old-time specimen was likely collected from this well-known Nevada mine circa 1900, as the mine closed in 1930 with the cessation of gold mining. Superb quality and aesthetics for the species. Approved as a new species in 1969/1970, many collectors did not realize that this "hair orpiment" was a new species until later. They are very rare in collections, and seldom seen for sale today. Kay purchased this in the 1950's, and her label notes it as orpiment.