Childrenite (TL - mid 1800s) with Pyrite and Siderite
Tavistock District, Devonshire, England
Small Cabinet, 8.4 x 7.2 x 3.2 cm
Ex. John Calvert; Ernest Chapman; Kay Robertson

Truly outstanding combination piece from what is very likely the Tavistock District in Devonshire. The habit of the Childrenites here is as a sparkly druse of microcrystals that are either in attractive crusts or spherical clusters. The crusts contain many prismatic crystals, and both habits of Childrenite are gemmy to translucent. The Pyrite cubes are exceptional for the district, and reach up to 1.3 cm. The Siderite, as best I can tell, is in the form of the grey druse of microcrystals that coat a fair percentage of the this small cab. Peter Embrey apparently compared this piece with specimens in the British Museum for Kay, and could not narrow down an exact mine, but the Type Locality for Childrenite is still defined as the Tavistock District rather than a specific mine, regardless. Formerly in the collections of John Calvert and Ernest Chapman. This is an attractive and historic specimen from the early days of mineralogy here.