Tourmaline var. Schorl with Quartz
Woolley Farm, Bovey Tracey, Devon, England, UK
Small Cabinet, 5.6 x 4.2 x 3.5 cm
Ex. Harvard Museum; Kay Robertson

EXCEPTIONAL, old-time Schorl specimen from the classic English locality of Woolley Farm. The primary Schorl crystal is doubly-terminated and bi-pyramidal, with superb luster. It is an impressive 4.2 cm long, and growing out from the equator of the Schorl is a series of smaller, equally lustrous Schorl crystals. There are even several small clusters of Quartz crystals decorating this small cab. Even though this is contacted on the back, the size, excellent aesthetics, and crystal quality make this one of the finest Schorl specimens that I have seen from the UK on the market. Considering that this was in the collections of Sol Shalevetz and Harvard University before Kay acquired it, that assessment makes sense. Displayable, and rare.