Beryl var. Morganite, on blue Albite (mine owner's collection)
White Queen Mine, Pala District, San Diego Co., California, USA
Miniature, 5.2 x 3.8 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Norman Dawson; Kay Robertson

Good, euhedral Morganites from the White Queen Mine are among the most desirable of the San Diego County pegmatite species and of USA gem crystals in general! You almost never see them for sale. This 2.8 cm, hexagonal Morganite sits perfectly atop a matrix of blue Albite. The crystal has a light pink color that has a hint of peach, and it is gemmy thoughout. The pics cannot show just how clear the Morganite is because the prism faces are frosted and the back of the crystal is contacted. However, the front termination is glassy and gemmy, which provides a fine window into the crystal. This was originally acquired from Norm Dawson, who actually mined it, in 1962. Old White Queen material such as this quality, matrix Morgantie from California are rare and hard to acquire. This is like owning a piece of history, and is a good investment as they only go up in value. Much better in person, this is a competitive-level, very balanced display miniature. Few are so aesthetic, and this is from the mine owner's personal collection, traded to Kay in 1962 as per her own label (handwritten on back of her typed label).