Cavansite on Stilbite
Wagholi Quarry, near Poona, Maharashtra, India
Miniature, 4.7 x 4.1 x 3.8 cm
Clusters of deep, royal blue, cavansite, have grown nestled in snowy-white blades of stilbite. The largest group of cavansite crystals is a stalactite of interconnected sphereical aggregates measuring over 3 cm in length. It is a floater, really, complete all aroun dwithin the nest of stilbite (that if removed, would make this a floater barbell-shaped cav, to be sure). The luster of both the cavansite and stilbite is super. The extreme color contrast is just amazing. MUCH BETTER In PERSON! This piece and CM10 came out of a now-famous pocket of such special cavansite that came out around august of 2005 and I bought these two specimens just befor ethe Denver show of that year and then promptly lost track of where I put them til now. These strange floater growths formed in a pod full of minutely crystallized stilbite blades that then fell away with time, seemingly. OUT OF ALL THE CAVANSITE I HAVE SEEN, NEVER HAVE I SEEN ONE QUITE LIKE THIS!