Calcite And Cavansite on Stilbite
Cabinet, 15.0 x 12.3 x 9.2 cm
Wagholi Quarry, nr. Poona, Maharashtra, India

This specimen is simply a great combo piece! Calcite is very rare from this quarry, and seldom associated with cavansite even when found. This piece shows off a huge, pseudo cubic, golden-colored, calcite crystal with a wonderful and sparkly luster, perched on a contrasting stilbite matrix. Above and to the right of the calcite is an aesthetic cluster of deep royal blue cavansite, which emits a bright luster. The overall specimen has a wonderful sculptural feel. The calcite crystal, which measures 6 cm across, also has the additional perks of darker edges and, internally, one can see a rainbow effect come out in good lighting. The main cavansite group is 3cm across. The color contrasts in this piece are spectacular! The combination is rare. And the association is aesthetically made...just a very unique piece, overall!