Quartz with Papagoite Inclusions
Cabinet, 9.8 x 5.0 x 4.9 cm
Messina Mine, Musina, Limpopo Province, South Africa

From the premier finds at the Messina mine in South Africa in the heyday of production in the 1980s is this magnificent quartz crystal with large sprays of included papagoite. The robust quartz crystal is large for the find, and so is the main papagoite spray! Papagoite is a calcium copper aluminum silicate and this is the world's best occurrence for the species. The large papagoite inclusion constitutes divergent, very fine, acicular crystals to a maximum extent of 2.2 cm that expand into the host quartz like filaments of blue hair. Two smaller sprays and one faint one are also present as accents. A diffuse, bluish green veil of ajoite is also present near the two prominent papagoite sprays and two patches of a mossy green-blue mineral (oxidized copper?) are also in the vicinity. The terminal pyramid faces of the quartz are polished to show the papagoite and the internal quartz phantoms that are also evident, as was typical of this find and of how they exposed the inside inclusions under the frosted quartz. For this material and this exceptional and rare association, the polished face is acceptable and necessary both, whereas it might not be in other finds. Crystal Cellar label (Marshall Sussman, ex Charlie Key collection).

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