Azurite rosettes on Malachite
Miniature, 5.2 x 5.2 x 2.9 cm
Kleinkogel, St Gertraudi, Brixlegg - Schwaz area, Inn valley, North Tyrol, Austria
Ex. Kay Robertson
Originally from the Scott Williams private collection, this old-timer is one of the best Azurite and Malachite combinations I have seen from the Brixlegg area (at least, in my experience in USA and European shows). The 2-3 mm Azurite rosettes (spheres, if you prefer) have perfect deep blue color and an excellent luster that causes the clusters to scintillate. The are probably well over a hundred of these Azurites, and they rest on an uncommonly large amount of Malachite. In fact, the Malachite almost completely covers the matrix, which is exceptional for the area. An aesthetic and choice specimen for this region in Austria, and an old classic seldom seen for sale, acquired and last changing hands to Kay in 1960!
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