Fluorite incl. by Hematite, with Baryte (Illustrated)
Erika Mine, Saulnhof, Wolsendorf Fluorite Mining Dis., Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany
Small Cabinet, 8.6 x 6.8 x 4.5 cm
Ex. Kay Robertson
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Fine plate of lustrous and sharp Fluorites from The Erika Mine in Bavaria. The Fluorites, the largest of which is 1.8 cm on edge, are richly included by Hematite, imparting an attractive, brick red color. They are intergrown in such a way that there are exclusively corners pointing up, creating the impression of being smack in the middle of a mountain range. The tabular Barytes are excellent; gemmy, lustrous, and with beveled edges that add even more to the aesthetics. They are perched perfectly on the Fluorites, and there are mm-size Chalcopyrites scattered about that add even more to the interest and aesthetics of the piece. Better in person! The colors and patterning is subtle. Prominently illustrated in the recent 64-page article on Kay in Mineralien Welt (6-2017).