Siderite var. Chalybite with Quartz
Small Cabinet, 6.3 x 4.8 x 2.6 cm
Wheal Maudlin, Lostwithiel, St Austell District, Cornwall, England, UK
Ex. Kay Robertson

Found in a single pocket almost two hundred years ago (about 1820, it is thought), these Siderite crystals (variety Chalybite) are exceptional for form and rarity. Often referred to as "horsetooth" Siderites, the hexagonal form is unusually sharp and in fact unique to this single find, and the zoning is very well defined. They remain, 200 years later, a treasure that few can own and hold. The Siderites average 1.2 cm across, and are surprisingly attractive for the combination of color and patterning. There are gemmy Quartz crystals associated with the Siderite. A fragile old label in large format is included, though we are not sure the origin of it (perhaps a French museum?).