Epidote with Quartz
Green Monster Mountain, Prince of Wales Island, Ketchikan District, Alaska, USA
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 7.5 x 7.3 cm
Ex. Kay Robertson

A tremendous, very showy, and large Epidote specimen from the famous Green Monster Mountain on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. These highly lustrous and attractively striated, dark olive-green crystals are nicely accented by smaller Epidotes and Quartz crystals. The main crystal is 5 cm, and it has a complex and beautiful termination. This is a large, very choice specimen for the species and locality. World class Epidotes have been produced from here, and not easily because of the conditions, for over a hundred years. Purchased by Kay in the 1950's, and hidden away since. It is competitive and fine even by today's standards in aesthetics, and a fine display specimen without the clunkiness of so many of these matrix pieces we see.