Fluorite on Quartz
Xiefang Mine, Ruijin Co., Ganzhou Prefecture, Jiangxi Prov., China
Large Cabinet, 19.1 x 15.5 x 7.0 cm
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These amazing stacked pyramids of fluorite upon contrasting sparkly quartz have to be among my favorite new finds of the last two years in China. They came out, I believe, sometime in the middle of 2016 and trickled to market. Most specimens were big clunkers that needed serious (and risky) trimming to reduce them to aesthetic balance and size. Aesthetically emplaced on this shockingly sparkling, sugar-white quartz matrix, are three octahedral, emerald-green fluorite crystals. The cluster is 16 cm across, and individually these crystals are to 8 cm on an edge. All three crystals exhibit a mesmerizingly simple but complex at the same time, beautiful stepped growth pattern. The photos probably speak for themselves in this. I have seen under a dozen specimens of this quality from the find, and all are now in major private collections already. This one was delayed from the market by the need to trim it to size. This is a major cabinet sized specimen from a significant find, that seems to have been quite limited. Price on Request.