Miniature, 3.5 x 1.1 x 0.4 cm
Kohnstein Quarry, Niedersachswerfen, Harz, Thuringia, Germany
Ex. Paul Stahl
Glassy and gemmy, this spear-like crystal of limpid, colorless hydroboracite, is simply the finest I have personally seen. While many were found here around 2012-2015 it seems, only a very few were gemmy, terminated, and fully formed. This one was obtained from the collectors at the time by noted rarities specialist Paul Stahl, who traded me this one and kept another similar. I have not seen the equal for sale. These are world's best of species by far, and the shape, clarity, and fancy termination makes pieces like this a level of rarity that can stand next to a tourmaline and hold its own. In person, this has a high level of refraction, and such luster and clarity that it is hard to capture in a photo.
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