Ait Agmane, Bou Azer District, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco
Miniature, 4.2 x 3.6 x 2.5 cm
Perched on a sliver of matrix are large tabular, lustrous, dark gray djurleite crystals to 3.1 cm across, which clearly exhibit parallel growth and interesting incipient hopper effects on the edges. Akin to chalcocite but much rarer, this new find in Morocco are the world's best of species by far, and shocked the mineral community when unveiled after being held back a year for evaluation and analysis. This piece is very massive and thick with huge crystals that are significant for the species by any standard. It has some contact on the sides, or else would be double the price if complete all around. However, it does have two great views, either from front (the more robustly thick crystals as shown in some photos here) or back (for the effect of a cluster) sides. Either side is quite impressive.