Quartz (Gwindel)
Val Gief, Graubunden, Switzerland
Cabinet, 11.2 x 8.8 x 3.2 cm
Ex. Rick Hottel

A sparkling, water-clear, gem quartz showing a dramatic Gwindel (twisted) growth, totally characteristic of these high Swiss alps. It seems that clear gwindels like this are much more uncommon, at least in quality, than the traditional smoky quartz gwindel specimens. For whatever reason, they also seem to be less expensive, not more, though I find them just as beautiful and I like the rarity aspect. I love the piece - in a case, it just sparkles in a way that normal quartzes seldom do. This piece is a great size, very good balance, and in superb condition with no damage to the display faces and just a little contact or minor damage only at the very bottom. Gwindels of this size, without repair or extreme damage, get scarce compared to those of smaller size. I was able to buy this long ago in Europe from an old collection of a man named Schubert, and have seen few enough since this good at any kind of fair pricing. Then, it was in the Rick Hottel quartz collection for near a decade.