Fluorite (rare form) with Cinnabar - illustrated
Miniature, 4.3 x 2.7 x 1.8 cm
(1961) Caecilia Mine, Wolsendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Ex. Kay Robertson
Found in July of 1961 on the 210 meter level of the Caecilia Mine, this gemmy Fluorite has the very rare (731) habit, which creates an elongated, complex crystal. The light amber color is appealing, as are the multiple faces that are silky to almost glassy. The Fluorite is totally GEMMY, and the interior is included by long filaments of Cinnabar, which is unusual and remarkable. Contacted only at the base, of course, this otherwise complete crystal looks more organic than mineral, at first glance. It has gorgeous aesthetics and great mineralogical importance. There is even an old, original Kodachrome slide accompanying the Fluorite (dated 1965), and it has been among Kay's favorite specimens for decades. It is illustrated in the Mineralogical Record (May 2007) article on her collection. Kay wrote a seminal article in German on minerals of this mine, in 1963. I have no copy of it, but I would assume this is featured. She had an entire large drawer only with specimens from Wolsendorf, and this piece and a few smaller examples from the same pocket were featured dead center in that drawer in her collection. One of the more remarkable and surprising fluorites...