Proustite (dated 1827, illustrated)
Miniature, 3.3 x 1.2 x 1.0 cm
Joachimstal, Ore Mountains region, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Ex. British Museum of Natural History; Kay Robertson; Isaac Walker

This is one of the most interesting and attractive Proustites I have seen from the Czech Republic, and dated to AT LEAST the 1820's - BEFORE PROUSTITE WAS DESCRIBED AS A SPECIES. The old 1827 label indicates "an undescribed variety of red silver ore," in fact. The near-metallic luster is excellent, as is the red glow when backlit. However, the sharp faces and unusual hollow crystal set this apart as being both aesthetic and highly unusual. These metallic deposits date back to the early 1500's. Can you imagine if any more like this had actually been mined during those years! It has a long history, as it was originally in the Isaac Walker (1794-1853: for info see collection, and then the British Museum. Walker obtained it from the Crichton collection in 1827! Peter Embrey of the BMNH, brought this to Kay in November of 1966 to exchange for some of her specimens. I have not seen one quite like this. Although a slim miniature, in size, it has somewhat more importance than size alone would indicate. This specimen was illustrated in the Min Record, March-April 2007 issue on Kay's collection.