Proustite (dated 1827)
Thumbnail, 1.4 x 0.7 x 0.6 cm
Joachimstal, Ore Mountains region, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Ex. British Museum of Natural History; Kay Robertson; Isaac Walker
A gorgeous, glowing, cherry red crystal when backlit, from this famous old mining district. Few documented specimens come to market today. This piece came with, either as a trim or broken bit off of, specimen #47 below and in the same box - carefully catalogued by Kay. It has a long history, as they were originally in the Isaac Walker collection and then the British Museum. Walker obtained it from the Crichton collection in 1827! Peter Embrey of the BMNH, brought this to Kay in November of 1966 to exchange for some of her specimens. The specimen was collected and in two collections before it was even described as a species in 1831! This piece comes with a Xerox of the label for #5000a in Kay's collection, as they came together with only one original old label to her, from the BMNH.