Cuprian Adamite (fluorescent)
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 6.7 x 2.3 cm
Lavrion District Mines, Lavrion District, Attiki Prefecture, Greece
Ex. Kay Robertson

On Limonite matrix, this extremely aesthetically shaped plate of Cuprian Adamite consists of glassy and gemmy, crystal aggregates to 1 cm across. The rich turquoise color and luster are both outstanding. The color is extra saturated, unlike other finds for crystals of this quality (most is simply just not this rich, impactful, hue). Exceptional on every level, including the fluorescence. There are some small contacted areas (not damage), but in context nothing bothersome to the eye amidst the overall shape and color. Lavrion does not disappoint! This specimen is number 1719 in the collection, indicating a purchase date of the 1940s or thereabouts. Kay's own label indicates there is an old French label that once was accompanying the specimen, and we got lucky here! We have not yet processed thousands of loose original labels, stored apart from the main card catalogue of her own labels, but found this one.