Szenicsite (TYPE LOCALITY) ex. Szenics Coll.
Jardinera # 1 Mine, 5 km. east of Inca del Oro, Atacama, Chile
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 6.1 x 4.7 cm
Ex. Terry Szenics
This is an extremely large and rich matrix specimen of a very rare mineral species, Szenicszite, found only once in quality and in this size (the type find!). Brilliant, electric green crystals of this VERY rare species which was found only once in a SINGLE erratic 1-meter-pocket, by field collector Terry Szenics. He brought these to market in the mid-90s and none have been found since. This is a huge specimen with a very 3-dimensional cluster, and crystals to 3 cm in clusters. Minor brilliant green cuprian powellite is in association atop (it looks like smithsonite, but is powellite!) This specimen would be one of the largest I have seen come up for sale in perhaps 12-15 years. It is an important, museum-quality, rarity. ex Szenics.