Fluorite on Muscovite
Miniature, 4.0 x 3.5 x 2.2 cm
Luxulyan, St Austell District, Cornwall, England, UK
Ex. Clarence Bement; Herb Obodda

Exceptional and rare, this highly unusual Fluorite comes to us through the Bement and Obodda collections. Sitting beautifully on blades of Muscovite is a 2.1 cm purple Fluorite. This modified cube has a finely textured surface, the edges have a ratcheted bevel and, if that wasn't interesting enough, the corners are modified by the octahedron and GLASSY! There is some contacting on the back, but the presentation side is not affected at all. Almost never will you find old Cornish Fluorites like this, as such elegant miniatures in this quality. Formerly in the Bement and AMNH collections (see http://mineralogicalrecord.org/labels.asp?colid=139). Great provenance, between the Bement collection and Herb Obodda's UK classics suite. Ex AMNH Museum, sold out in 1967 to collector John Albanese. Note that the cost to Bement was $5, from a "Mr. Simmons" in the early 1900s!!! That was a lot of money for the time and shows how much he treasured the quality of this specimen!