Quartz ps. Aragonite
Valle de las Plumas, Paso de Indios Department, Chubut, Argentina
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 8.3 x 6.4 cm
Ex. Herb Obodda
This striking, stellate cluster of sharp, pseudo-hexagonal Aragonite crystals has been pseudomorphed by Chalcedony and included by Hematite, which gives it its reddish-brown tone. The form is perfectly preserved, and there is some translucence at the terminations. The largest crystal is about 3.4 x 3.3 cm, and you have the luxury of choosing several good orientations for display. This is an outstanding floater, in excellent condition and with a fine sculptural form. Rare and choice material in any case, and this is a very large and well-colored example. I have not seen this material on the market in a decade.