Mimetite (Green Pocket)
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 6.0 x 3.0 cm
Elura Mine, Cobar, New South Wales, Australia
Ex. Martin Zinn

Mimetite from Australia is usually not considered among the world's great specimens for the species, and tends to be dull and drably colored but one particular pocket from the late 1980s has stood out and still stands the test of time. This remarkable pocket of green to yellow mimetite crystals came from an active silver mine, itself already unusual. Only a few specimens survived, and were of quality to go to collectors. I remember when they premiered at Tucson to huge excitement, and top collectors chased specimens down as they got dispersed. This is a very aesthetic small cabinet piece from that single rare find called the "green mimetite pocket," long in the collection of Martin Zinn and then another private collector, and so not on the market in several decades. It has rich, saturated color and a silky, unique luster that makes these readily identifiable from any other mimetite anywhere in all the world. They are unique. Most of us will never hold one, and I consider myself lucky to have handled several over the years. Leaning more to the rare green color palette more tan yellow or orange hues, this is a fine specimen from this rare find, with really good upright aesthetics. ex Matt Tannenbaum collection. Joe Budd photos.