Miniature, 3.5 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm
Francon Quarry, St. Michael, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ex. Ernest Schlichter
This is one of the finest large crystals of the species I know of, and it comes from the Canada suite of a collection which had many important examples. This single, large, dramatic crystals shows off a Pagoda style growth with multiple terminations. It is relatively lustrous, though mine-run and uncleaned (which preserves some rare micro dresserite and lustrous sparkling little calcites on the surface of it that are usually cleaned off in acid and so I have not often seen the association so nicely preserved). A MAJOR example of this species from the type locality at the Francon Quarry - and from the single best find, not equaled since. The crystal exhibits incredible, visually appealing, horizontal growth striations. Ex. Ernie Schlichter collection. I actually buy every good example of this species I come across for some reason... they just seem so unique and unusual, for shape and form, and they have not been found again in this quality now in 40 years.
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