Crystallized Gold on Quartz
Cabinet, 15.0 x 7.0 x 1.75 cm
Eagle's Nest Mine, Placer Co., California, USA

weight = 1/3 kilo or 11 troy ounces This important gold specimen is one of those real rarities you couldn't dream of making better if you could cast the darned thing. The COLOR is phenomenal - unusually pure and golden without the slight darkness that some large golds from this mine can possess. It features a truly arborescent cluster of upright gold crystals, very elegant in form, perched atop quartz matrix. It is not repaired or molded in any way. This is 100% natural! Specimens of this size and quality are very, very RARE. This particular piece was sold over 25 years ago and has resided in a private collection overseas ever since...and I can tell you that such specimens were then and certainly are now extremely uncommon on the market (i know of just a few of this magnitude). This beast weighs in at 336 grams or 1/3 kilo, which is equal to about 12 ounces or about 11 troy ounces (gold standard weight) .