Covellite and Pyrite
Thumbnail, 2.9 x 2.1 x 1.5 cm
Leonard Mine, Butte, Silverbow Co., Montana, USA
Ex. Roland Sherman
This competition-quality thumbnail of tabular, slightly iridescent, lavender colored covellite crystals to 2 cm across, is enhanced by a partial wreath of yellow pyrite crystals, about its base. The crystals are thick and robust, not fragile as usual, and the overall display is incredibly sculptural. This specimen was in the noted copper species competitive Thumbnail/Toenail suite of Roland Sherman, in 1987. It was in his winning AFMS Showcase exhibit of 1996; it scored 8.5 points. In fact, his note card records it as "My First Great Copper Mineral, purchased at My First Tucson Show 1987!" One sees very few good Montana covellites. This one is really quite distinct and elegant and for this size is very hard to beat.