Strontianite and Calcite on Fluorite
Rosiclare Level, Minerva #1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Cabinet, 10.3 x 6.9 x 6.5 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
Fascinating and 3-dimensionally dramatic this combination piece from Minerva has a lot going for it. The blue Fluorites are actually quite gemmy, and the textured surface has a good, if dispersing, luster. The front-facing Fluorite is 4.5 cm, corner to corner. Covering the Fluorites are hundreds of sharp and gemmy Calcites that average about 4-6 mm. But the highlight is the dramatic and unusual arch of Strontianite that ascends over the piece. The arch has dozens upon dozens of radial balls composed of lustrous and gemmy, acicular, Strontianite needles. The aesthetics of the individual parts, as well as the overall piece, are exemplary, and no doubt the reason this was in Ross' personal collection. Mined in 1990. RCL1185