Beryl var. Morganite
Small Cabinet, 8.4 x 5.7 x 4.6 cm
Nuristan, Laghman Province, Afghanistan
Ex. Herb Obodda
This eye-catching Morganite is a glassy, gemmy, transparent, glowing peach-pink crystal with exceptional color. The terminations are smooth and glassy, while the prism faces are frosted and bevelled, creating a beautiful contrast. This is not unusual for Morganites, particularly from Afghanistan. The mass of this gemmy Morganite is a whopping 367 grams. With only a small amount of attached matrix, you know most of that is gem crystal. Though contacted on the bottom and one side, this remains an impressive and desirable Morganite for color, size, and gemminess. It is hard to get one more visually impactful in this size and price range, so you make the tradeoff of color saturation vs clarity and matrix association, perhaps. Better in person, even!