Cornwall, England
Thumbnail, 1.1 x 1.0 x 0.4 cm
Ex. Irv Brown

Liroconite is one of those "holy grails" of mineral collecting that is basically impossible to get a hold of. The reason is that they came out in the mid-1800s and haven't been seen since in any quality from any place. Specimens are treasured, and seldom deaccessed from collections. I buy just about every piece I DO see for sale and out of all of them, this is the biggest crystals I have ever owned or seen for sale. It is a fat, juicy crystal with extremely sharp edges, and displays phenomenally! This species was made famous by the extraordinary Cornwall specimen in the 19th. century collection of Phillip Rashleigh which can now be seen in the Truro Museum. For those who have not seen his incredible specimen, a photo is on the back cover of "Minerals of Cornwall and Devon" by Embrey and Symes, 1987.