Gilalite in Quartz
Large Cabinet, 7.1 x 4.7 x 2.7 cm
near Juazeiro do Norte, Ceara State, Northeast Region, Brazil
This beautiful included quartz specimen is polished all around, to reveal the rich gilalite inside. This is an extremely rare mineral. It is not a natural crystal specimen, due to the polishing, I admit, but it is nevertheless significant as heck. Also, there is enormous investment potential in that one could TRIM the specimen into numerous slices, each a salable example of this rare species included in quartz. It is said to be the finest specimen of only 5 that were found. Gilalite is a copper silicate hydrate. To quote Mineralogy of Arizona, "abundant as green to blue-green coatings or thick botryoidal crusts on fracture surfaces in the rock, or replacing diopside." It had not to our knowledge been found in this form before!