Tourmaline var. Rubellite with Albite and Lepidolite
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 3.0 x 2.8 cm
Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande District, San Diego Co., California, USA
Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli
A very showy, robust Tourmaline from the famous Himalaya Mine, with good color and a nice, three-faced pyramidal termination atop (and, in fact, the bottom is a rehealed contact, making it technically a floater!). This ample crystal is a rich pink, and nicely gemmy for the Himalaya! It is complete all around and not damaged, although one back face has several radial contact patterns on the face, perhaps from Cleavelandites or Muscovites. Classic for the Himalaya, this impressive Elbaite has a mass of 142 grams and is priced about half of what I have seen others of similar size and quality selling for recently. Ex. Jean Hamel, from the 1980s.