Rose Quartz on Quartz
Sapucaia Mine, Sapucaia do Norte, Galileia, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabinet, 14.0 x 10.5 x 10.0 cm

This historic specimen is just the stereotypical ideal of a Rose Quartz specimen, to my mind: It has contrast, color, dimensionality, and history to it. This style dates to the old Brazil finds of the 1960's, the same as the Smithsonian's famous Van Allen Belt piece. It has a wreath of Rose Quartz of high color, surrounding a TOTALLY CLEAN AND CRISP, colorless quartz point. Unusually, there is no smoky or gray tones to the quartz. It is 14 cm tall as shown and is a full-on cabinet piece, that displays equally well vertically or sideways. It is 360 degrees and complete all around, though the dimensionality is hard to capture because of all the reflections and the depth of focus here. I LOVE the piece. It is the kind of Rose Quartz specimen that I would dream of if I could make one in a 3D printer, with aesthetics and balance together. The specimen has remarkably only one clean repair, that is impossible to see anyhow, and is completely acceptable in context. Pieces like this, 50 years and more out of the ground, seldom turn up outside the world's top museums. For whatever reasons of geology and mineralogy, Rose Quartz is the rarest and hardest quartz species to obtain in top form for the advanced collector. Comes with custom lucite base. Joe Budd photo.