Chrome Tourmaline With Quartz
Miniature, 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.8 cm
Merelani Hills, Arusha, Tanzania
Another rare, rich, emerald-green species... this is a lustrous, transparent chrome tourmaline, 2.5 cm in length, weighing 66.65 carats, crystallized on transparent quartz. This specimen has been contacted, mainly on the back side, nevertheless, its depth of color and transparency are outstanding. Tourmalin eof this intense hue, due to chromium, is just incredibly rare. Minor damage to the rightmost side, but the rest of the display face and termination atrop and to the left, is pristine. The shot shows the worst angle, so if you tilt it to the right a bit, that rough right side is minimized, when you put it in a case. As a display piece, tthis packs a lot more whallop than you might think from its size and is MUCH MORE impressive in person.