Molletambo quarry, Ica Department, Peru
Small Cabinet, 8.7 x 5.0 x 3.5 cm
Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli

Very large and fine, splayed cluster of classic, ax-shaped crystals of Axinite from the Molletambo Quarry in Peru. The clove-brown blades have very good luster and are translucent to gemmy. The largest crystal is an impressive 7.2 cm long. The minor amount of edge wear along the very sharp edges is expected, and not readily noticeable. For its size, this is the best Peruvian axinite that I have seen personally. It is on par with Dalnegorsk material! Good quality with a nice, aesthetic form to the cluster. Art Soregaroli edited the magnum opus book on Peru mineral specimens, and this is from his prized collection of miniatures and small cabinet sized Peru pieces, most of which he obtained himself down there in the 1980s and 1990s.