Pink Fluorite with Chlorite
Cabinet, 10.0 x 8.0 x 6.0 cm
Medel gorge (Lukmanier gorge), Medel Valley, Grischun, Switzerland
Pink Fluorite from Switzerland is certainly one of the true holy grails of mineral collecting. When I first saw this piece in a Tucson exhibition of the old company collection of Siber & Siber (a multigenerational mineral dealership out of Switzerland), I was absolutely floored. Not only are there several crystals here (FIVE good ones on top of pink Fluorite matrix, no less), but their size is astounding for true Swiss Pinks. The largest of the Pinks is 3.9 cm on edge, the next three are 3 cm on edge, with the smallest being 1.6 cm on edge. This is extraordinary for the size, presentation, and amount of Swiss fluorite on one specimen. One of the crystals has a bit of edge wear on one of the tips, but the rest are virtually pristine, and the edge wear matters little in the scheme of things, this cabinet specimen is so good. This pics show how aesthetic and imposing this piece is. Formerly in the collection of H.J. Siber, with label from the company. This collection was sold off over the last few years, in some parts. I bought this right out of the exhibition in Tucson, 2014.