Vesuvianite (3 piece rough and cut set)
Thumbnail, 3.0 x 0.9 x 0.8 cm (Crystal), 0.70 ct, 3.00 ct
Afghanistan, rare locale!
3.0 x 0.9 x 0.8 cm (Specimen); 0.70 carats; 6.17 mm x 3.63 mm (Faceted) & 3.00 carats; 14.01 mm x 6.00 mm (Cabochon) - A most unusual set from the standpoint of color of matching Vesuvianites from Afghanistan. This 3 part set includes one rough crystal with moderate internal gemminess, a smaller "Emerald" cut faceted stone, and an "Oval" cut cabochon gem. Honestly, I've never seen this material before, as I would think most of us are accustomed to seeing Vesuvianites in the brown to green range, and sometimes pinkish, but never a blue-grey-purple hue like this. The label on states that these stones are from "Afghanistan", and it must have been quite a limited find, because I can't find another crumb of it anywhere else for reference. Nonetheless, the color is truly alluring, and looks like nothing else I've seen for the species.