Aquamarine (3 piece rough and cut set)
Small Cabinet, 9.7 x 5.0 x 3.8 cm (Crystal), 32.65 ct, 4.81 ct
Chumar Bakhoor, Hunza Valley, Gilgit District, Gilgit-Baltistan (Northern Areas), Pakistan
9.7 x 5.0 x 3.8 cm (Specimen); 32.65 carats; 18.47 mm (Faceted) & 4.81 carats; 10.66 mm (Cabochon) - A really great mixed rough and cut set with a stunning large faceted stone as the star of the trio. The gem is a beautiful sky blue "Portuguese Round Brilliant" cut stone that looks amazing face up. It appears to be virtually eye clean as well! The second of the three stones is a cat's eye "Round" cabochon with a rich blue hue and a very sharp "eye" that can be seen when the stone is viewed in a strong light. The specimen is a nice compliment to the two gems, as it has good size overall, and it hosts some really beautiful cat's eye style crystals to accompany the stone. The Aquamarine crystals are associated with white Albite and silvery Muscovite. Interestingly, the faceted gem from this set is just as big as the crystals on the specimen, and all three pieces make for a great overall set. I can't say enough about the cut stone, it's simply beautiful and obviously cut by somebody who knows something about faceting stones.